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This site is dedicated to expanding the Gospel. Thank you for considering the resources that are offered here.

The goal is to equip leaders with assets that will help them exalt Jesus and establish church communities that bring the light to those who live in darkness. Each offering has its foundation based upon the written Word of God.

Please come back and visit. New things added will help you grow in Christ and fulfill your calling. The time is short. Jesus is coming! Help us Lord, to faithfully represent you.

All for souls,

†Terry Wiles, Bishop

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We generally think of Jesus and remember His birth and the Cross. We see Him as the suffering Savior.  We see Jesus, the man.  But He is much more.

   The Revelation of Jesus Christ is "The Unveiling of God's Son."  It reveals who Jesus fully is.
   The opening chapter and verse declares it to be a bio that God gave Jesus for Him to share with His Followers. (Revelation 1:1), 
   The Book that I wrote brings a practical and literal approach that can be understood.  It is structured as a series of sermons, useful for study, teaching, or preaching.

   I know that the Holy Spirit will touch your mind and your spirit. I present this in hopes that others will come to better know and understand who this Jesus fully is.